At the helm of Earthstock media photography are Pippa Hetherington and Deborah da Silva.

Pippa Hetherington trained as a video documentary director/producer but has since translated that storytelling skill to the photographic image. Her photographs convey a world of meaning in a single shot.

Pippa’s trademark is the combination of eye-catching imagery with powerful narrative that has made her the preferred choice for a wide range of publications looking to bring impact to their pages. From high street magazines to development NGO’s, Pippa’s photography is acclaimed for its visual strength.

She is currently enrolled to study the International Center of Photography – Bard Masters of Fine Arts in New York.

Deborah da Silva’s energy for capturing Southern Africa through the lens is fuelled by her positive attitude toward sustainable development. She has the agility to run with the spirit of the moment and is able to extract the essence of her subject matter in a variety of contexts.

Referring to herself as an “observing participant”, Deborah has an extensive client list from private to corporate clients and NGO’s, all of who testify her ability to follow a brief and applaud her authentic style.

Deborah continues to work as an exhibiting visual artist and has a collection of captivating work featured in private collections locally and internationally.

Deborah is currently studying for a degree in Art History and Anthropology at Unisa. She continues to use her knowledge and skill to produce images that provoke thought and inspire change.

For published work see Communications.